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Substitute Teacher FAQ

Although we have already had our first training of the year, we will be reviewing new substitute applications again next month. In preparation for another round of screening and  training, candidates can go ahead and get applications in now. We add to the substitute teacher list and provide training about 4 times a year.

What are the steps to becoming a substitute teacher for Berrien County School System?

Step 1: Complete a non-certified application to substitute teach. An application can be completed online at .

Step 2: About once a quarter the personnel director will conduct screening interviews of potential substitute candidates.

Step 3: When candidates pass the screening process then they will have to meet fingerprinting and background requirements and training requirements.

a-   A fingerprinting and criminal background check will be conducted through an option  offered by the Berrien County Sheriffs Office. For more information please refer to the link on our website, FINGERPRINTING & BACKGROUND CHECKS. This will require a fee paid by the substitute teacher candidate. This is in compliance with both state law and school board policy. Also a $10.00 updated background check will be conducted every 5 years.

b-    In compliance with GA Policy Code 505-2-.36, all substitutes must meet a 4 hour training requirement. Substitute candidates can meet these requirements several ways depending on their situation. A substitute wishing to substitute for other counties in addition to Berrien will need to take the 3 hour training thru RESA and then follow-up with a one-hour orientation training in Berrien. Substitute candidates only wanting to sub in Berrien can do the 3 hour training with us or do the RESA training and then a one-hour orientation with us. Substitute candidates with teaching certificates or paraprofessional certificates are exempt from the three hour training and only have to attend the 1 hour orientation. Substitute will need to complete background checks prior to training.

Step 4: Once all the requirements in step 3 are met then substitute candidates are placed on a substitute teacher list.


What does it pay and can you get benefits?

Regular substitute teachers make $80.00 per day.

Certified substitute teachers (those persons holding a valid GA teaching certificate) make $100.00 per day.


Long-term substitutes (Preferred: Hold a current GA teaching certificate in the field in which they are subbing­) The pay rate is $80 per day for the 1st through consecutive 15th day of the long-term placement. Upon the 16th day of a long-term substitute placement, the rate is $100.00 per day.

Substitute teachers are not permanent employees of the Berrien County School System but are employed on an as needed basis and do not qualify for health and retirement benefits. Substitute teachers also do not qualify for unemployment benefits through the Berrien County School System.


Am I guaranteed employment and how often can I work?

Substitute teachers are not regular part-time or full-time employees of Berrien County Schools. Substitutes are classified as Purchased Services Providers and are not eligible for unemployment should they no longer substitute teach for Berrien County School System. They are employed on an as needed basis and therefore are not guaranteed employment by the school system. However, good substitutes who have shown a good work ethic and work well with teachers and students

are called often to sub.


How do I get scheduled to sub?

Berrien County has implemented an online/phone calling system- Absence Manager (formerly Aesop). You can log on by internet or call in 24 hours a day to see what jobs are available. This system will also call or send you emails concerning available positions.


Can I work at certain schools or do I work for all schools?

Not all substitutes work at all schools. Some chose to work with just certain age groups.


When will I have to be available?

Some substitutes work just certain days depending on their schedule. Substitutes will need to be

available from 7:30 or 7:45am (depends on which school) to approximately 3:30pm (dismissal times for each school vary slightly).


How will the schools contact me?

The automated Absence Manager (formerly Aesop) system will contact substitutes by phone and/ or internet, so substitutes must have a reliable phone and/or internet service. Some substitute use just the phone option, some use just the internet option, and some use both. Substitutes also need to be aware that sometimes emergency and last minute situations will cause calls to be late at night  ( however,  no calls after 9:00PM) and very early in the morning starting at 6:00am.


When will RESA teach the substitute classes?

RESA is located in Lenox but they schedule classes in Valdosta also. If there is a

enough who want the class in Nashville, we may be able to schedule a RESA substitute teacher training in Nashville. The RESA class is $25. Please see the RESA website for dates, times, and training locations. Development/Course links.htm   click on substitute teacher training.


When will Berrien teach the substitute classes?

We will try to schedule a class once every 2-3 months depending on the need for classes and the number of people needing training. Training will be conducted during the day by the personnel director. There is not a fee for training in Berrien.


If you have a question that is not addressed above, please contact Jordan Williams, Personnel

Director at 686-2081 or email at [email protected].