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Coming Soon Additional 2018-19 Job Postings 
Interested in becoming a teacher? Interested in pursuing your Masters? Check out our Thomas University Berrien Campus ongoing partnership! It looks like we have the numbers for our August 2018 Cohorts. For more information see our Flyer for contact information. 
Congratulations to our Bus Drivers.


Berrien County Bus Drivers participated in a local Bus Road-eo competition on April 28, 2018.

The event was held at the Berrien Middle and Berrien Elementary Schools.  There were twelve bus driver participants along with the Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Mark Morgan.  The bus drivers were treated with breakfast and lunch.

The top three participants were awarded with great prizes from the community, and the top two will represent Berrien County in the State Bus Road-eo Competition in Warner Robins, Ga. This event will be held June 6 & 7. All drivers are welcomed to attend the event.

Berrien County would like to congratulate the following:

1st place - Mr. Travis Brown

2nd place - Mr. Ed Mistick

3rd place - Mrs. Blenda Corbitt

Congratulations to BHS Audio and Film Teacher Taylor Strickland
Congratulations to our New retirees! Thank you so much for your years of service to our system and the students of Berrien County.
Cindy Moore-BES               Carrie McClellan- BMS          Jeannie Tucker- BMS
Pam McMillan- BPS            Sonya Lindsey- BPS              Ruth O'Neil- BPS
                      Jerry Stokes-Technology     Janice McCall-BPS