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Notice:  Accepting Sealed Bids
The Berrien County Board of Education is accepting bids for the following buses and trucks.  Bids are due August 16, 2018, at 2:00 pm.  For more information or to schedule an appointment for inspection of items, contact Michael Powe at 229-686-2527.
Please submit bids to:
Berrien County Board of Education
Attn: Bus Bids
810 South Dogwood Drive
Nashville, GA 31639
Item 018
1993 Blue Bird Bus
239,523 miles, 72 passenger, Diesel, automatic
Item 019
1995 Blue Bird Bus
279,546 miles, 72 passenger, diesel, automatic
Item 020
1982 International Box Truck (Band)
149,088 miles, needs brakes, body rusting, diesel
Item 021
1993 Ford F350 Pickup
gas, motor bad
Item 022
1999 Dodge 1500 Pickup Truck
gas, motor bad
Item 023
1979 Ford F350 Flatbed PickupTruck
gas, motor bad
Item 024
1985 Ford F370 Dump Body Truck
gas, motor bad
Item 025
1997 Ford F150 Pickup Truck
gas, motor bad