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WiFi Rangers

Our Response to Students with no Connectivity

The purpose of Wi-Fi access is for BCSD students, faculty, and employees for educational purposes, primarily to access assignments and educational information and instruction.  There will be no specific time limit on usage; however, users should be considerate of others who may be waiting at various locations. A password will be required to access the Wi-Fi. Users will be responsible for following the agreed-upon rules listed below. WiFi Rangers utilizes Verizon's Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) filters.

WiFi Password: Rebels2020

Use the Rainer ID at all locations


    1. There is to be no parking or blocking the entrance, exit, or any driveway access to any location.
    2. No one is allowed on the premises for Wi-Fi access before 8 am or after 10 pm.
    3. There will be no access to the interior of any facility; e.g., use the bathroom, use the telephone, etc.
    4. Limit of 5 vehicles max at a time on the premises.  Authorized users must return at another time if the maximum capacity has been reached prior to arrival.  Vehicle headlights or parking lights should be turned on to indicate the use of Wi-Fi.
    5. No shopping, Gaming, or YouTube is allowed while using the WiFi Rangers.
WiFi Locations
Click the link below for directions to the WiFi locations
1.) East Berrien Fire Department -5533 Highway 135 Nashville, GA. 31639

2.) West Berrien Fire Department- 11062 N. Highway 125 Lenox, GA. 31637

3.) Wyclif Roberts Rd Fire Department- 4353 Wycliff Roberts Rd. Alapaha, GA. 31622

4.)  Hwy 168 Fire Department- 5586 Highway 168 Nashville, GA. 31639

5.)  New Lois Fire Department- 4941 Old Valdosta Rd. Nashville, GA. 31639

6.) Garner Road, Nashville, GA 31639