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Emergency Management New Mass Notification System for Berrien County

The information below was provided by the Berrien County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) for dissemination to our staff/community and does not originate from the Berrien County School System.


May 9,2024 Berrien County, Nashville Georgia
For Immediate Release

Telephone-based mass notification systems are used by thousands of public safety agencies across the US to warn citizens about local emergencies, hazards, and other threats. Now, Berrien County, Nashville Georgia, announces they have selected Hyper-Reach to help bring this same life-saving capability to the area. Hyper-Reach is a state-of-the-art mass emergency notification system designed specifically for public safety. The county expects to have the service fully operational by the 15th of May 2024. but no later than the end of the month.

The new emergency alert system will provide rapid notification of hazardous and urgent situations using a mix of telephone calls, text and email messages, and even TTY/TDD service for the hearing impaired.

The County plans to use the service primarily for alerts about weather and environmental hazards, criminal activity, and missing persons. Landline phones are automatically enrolled for Community alerts, but Weather alerts to landline phones and Community and Weather alerts to VoIP phones, mobile phones, and email addresses are only included when people enroll.

Residents and people who work in Berrien County, Ray City, Alapaha, Enigma, Nashville, Georgia are encouraged to enroll now (using a Berrien County address)

4 Ways to Sign Up:

1.  Go to:
2. Call: 229-494-4545
3. Text “alerts” to 229-494-4545
4. Tell your Alexa unit “Alexa, enable Hyper-Reach”